Abusive Relationships

The image shows a person upset in your living room because of your abusive relationships

Abusive Relationships

Many family law disputes revolve around abuse relationships when someone tries to make you afraid or control you. Sometimes, abusive relationships can be formed with on-going domestic violence or family violence.

Abusive relationships can include a variety of types of abuse against a partner or ex-partner. They can be financial, sexual, physical, and emotional. It can also include threats to harm children, other members of a family, pets, and property.

How to confirm if you are in an abusive relationship?

  • He/She criticize all of your decisions and try to put you down
  • Treat you poorly and embarrass you in front of your family or friends
  • Ignore your accomplishments or opinions
  • Blame you for his/her own abusive behavior and change of mood
  • Threaten to kill you or hurt you
  • Force you to have sex
  • Threaten to take your children away

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