Accountant Negligence

Accountant negligence

Accountant Negligence

When you hire an accountancy or an accountant, you expect that professional to provide you with a professional quality service that meets your interests and needs, according to the contract signed between the parties.

However, Accountancy and Accountants offer services that range from preparing accounts, advising, developing reports, and providing administrative and regulatory services. Due to the seriousness and variety of services, the practice can offer many opportunities for errors.

Can be considered common mistakes to claims professional negligence against accountants:

  • Non-compliance with the document filing deadline
  • Failure to detect and report fraud of any kind
  • Failure to detect any changes made to tax legislation
  • Prepare incorrect tax returns
  • Failing to advise on rebates and tax exemptions
  • Fail to warn about risks that may be associated with a tax reduction scheme.

If you felt harmed by any service performed by an Accountancy or Accountants, know that you have rights and can appeal. At Juzkiw Law, we have the experience to deal with Accountant negligence. Call us and schedule a free consultation today, 416-221-2221.

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