Bail Hearing

Bail Hearing

Bail Hearing

If you have been charged or arrested for a Criminal Offence then there is a possibility of being detained until trial.

At your Bail Hearing, the Judge will look at several factors listed below to decide whether you should be granted bail or not

  • Whether You have outstanding charges or a criminal record on your name
  • How severe the offence is
  • Whether you are a danger to public
  • Whether you have missed or remain absent in trails

What happens at a Bail Hearing?

You must be awarded a bail hearing within 24 hour of being arrested and charged at the local police station. You will be taken to the nearest courthouse for hearing. Our Lawyers can prepare you for the hearing and may negotiate with the crown prosecution about the terms of release

Our Lawyers will make a strong case to help you be released from custody on bail. The judge will decide whether you are not a threat to society and ensure public safety.

Moreover, you may require a surety in order for bail to be granted. A friend or family member can provide a guarantee for you and agree to monitor your activities to ensure your safe release

Do you need a lawyer for a Bail Hearing?

Although it is not necessary for your lawyer to attend your bail hearing (in some cases) with you. Chances of gaining a Bail increase if you are accompanied by an experienced Criminal Lawyer who has previously helped his Clients in granting bails

Appeal for Bail Hearing

If you haven’t been granted bail or not allowed to get it then you can always ask the Judge to review his decision. To increase the chances of Bail, you should always be represented by a lawyer who can assist. Call Juzkiw Law – 416-221-2221

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