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Breach of contract law in Canada

When a breach of contract law occurs in Canada, it is common for the case to be dealt with in the Small Claims Court – Generally, this is because, in most of the issues, a breach of contract case is less than $ 35,000.00.

Contracts can be considered agreements that are documented and signed. We all enter into agreements all the time, and, eventually, we may come across a situation where a contract is breached, and the agreed terms are not enforced.

A breach of the contract means that one side has refused to fulfill its obligations or has fulfilled its obligations incompletely or incorrectly. This risk must be considered by anyone who enters into a contract.

Know your rights in cases of breach of contract

If you are dealing with a Breach of contract law in Canada, you can appeal for your rights to be enforced.

First, you can use a lawyer to negotiate with the other party that the service described in the contract is performed. Or try to find a way to seal an agreement between both parties. There is often a misunderstanding of what should be accomplished in the contract. The other party may believe that it is fulfilling what was described in the agreement, but in a way, it is not. So you must have a lawyer to help you clarify the facts.

If the attempted settlement is invalid, and if it is dealt with in a small claims court. However, you need to know that by law, the defendant is entitled to redress. The best-known solutions are:

  • Compensation for damages: are ways to find financial compensation caused by the breach of contract in Canada that the defender will have to pay.
  • Payment for indemnity: It means a payment granted, considering the damages caused by the breach of contract
  • Specific Performance: if the other party believes that the injuries are not adequate, the non-violating party may seek this appeal in court.
  • Cancellation of Contract: This is the cancellation of the contract and the total financial refund of what was described in the agreement.

If you have evidence to believe that your contract has been breached

Look for a lawyer if you believe you are dealing with a Breach of contract law in Canada. A lawyer will be able to clarify your rights and the ways to prove your breach of contract breach case.

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