Business Law Lawyer- FAQs

Business Law covers corporate and commercial litigation, merger and accusation, business formation and debt collection, buying/ selling of a company, corporate records and commercial lease, etc.

Choosing the right entity is an important business decision and different factors should be considered such as

  • How many owners will be there
  • Whether you will be having employees and your business activity
  • Tax implications and management structure
  • What kind of funding you are eligible to receive

To get an answer to all of your queries, contact our business law lawyer.

Check out what agreement is in place when you formed the company in the first place. If you need help, call  416 221-2221 to learn more about your rights or contact our business law lawyer.

We have years of experience in handling legal matters for business ventures like partnerships, sole proprietorships, joint ventures, and for and not-for-profit corporations. Contact our business law lawyer and get the help that you need.

Yes, we handle mergers and acquisitions. We can assist in any transactions during the purchase or takeover of a company.