Caregiver Programs

Caregiver Programs

Caregiver Programs

The Federal government has recently launched a new pilot program for caregivers. This program is directed specifically at workers who provide care to children, the disabled, and the elderly in a home environment.

The caregiver program does not operate as a direct pathway to PR, caregivers typically will begin work on the basis of a work permit, and will be able to apply for permanent residence once they have accumulated sufficient work experience.

The program is open to applicants with experience, or a job offer, in two NOCs, 4411 – Home Child Care Providers, and 4412 – Home Support Workers. Experience within these NOCs as a foster parent or housekeeper is not counted. The additional requirements are: a valid and genuine job offer within one to the above NOCs from a Canadian employer outside of Quebec; Applicant must be providing care either in their own home, or in their employer’s home; The applicant must have language proficiency of at least CLB 5; The applicant must have an educational credential requiring at least 1 year of post-secondary study in Canada, or an assessed equivalent from outside of Canada.

If the applicant applies and meets these requirements they will be granted a work permit. This work permit will be open with respect to the employer but restricted to one or the other of the eligible NOCs. The applicant will work in Canada, and gain experience as a caregiver within their NOC. Once the applicant has accumulated 2 years of experience they may apply for PR. Accompanying family members of the applicant may be issued openwork or study permits.


  • Prior work experience not required
  • Minimal requirements that employer must meet
  • Potential pathway to PR for those without education or training in more traditional NOC 0, A, or B occupations
  • The applicant may change employers as desired and is not required to gain experience from only a single employer
  • The accompanying family will be able to study and work in Canada


  • Requires CLB 5
  • Not a direct path to PR, the applicant must accumulate 2 years of experience as a temporary worker
  • Job offer required from the outset
  • The applicant may not change occupations while working on the basis of a work permit

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