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Charged With Stunt Driving!

Stunt Driving and Street Racing

Stunt driving and racing are illegal on Ontario’s roads. Unless you are in an officially approved race, supervised by the Canadian Association of Rallysport, or have written permission from public authorities, stunt driving and street racing are seen as particularly dangerous driving offences, because of the potential for harm and injury.
Some actions that can result in a charge include:

  • Excessive speeds (50 km or more over the speed limit)
  • Driving in a way that suggests you are racing or chasing another car
  • Repeatedly changing lanes, too close to other cars, to keep up with or stay ahead of another car
  • Lifting some or all of your tires from the road
  • Spinning your car
  • Driving too long into the opposite side of the road while passing
  • Not sitting in the driver’s seat
  • Stopping or slowing to cause another car to stop, slow down or be unable to pass

Explaining Your Side

At Juzkiw Law, we represent clients facing severe consequences for racing and stunt driving, including:

  • License suspensions, License Violation
  • Vehicle impoundment, with costs of impounding charged to the client
  • Fines up to $10,000
  • Six demerit points
  • Higher insurance rates and possible cancellation of insurance policies

Clients facing a second or third conviction even risk jail time or permanent loss of their license.
We know how to speak the language of the courts, and we know the exact requirements of the law in terms of proving racing and stunt driving. Our work for you may include an analysis of speeds, detailed questioning of witnesses including police witnesses as well as discussions of the vehicles involved and their characteristics.

We know how to explain your actions. Let us help you.

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