Child Custody

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Child Custody in Ontario

When you are divorcing or separating, you need a skilled lawyer to make sure your child custody will be protected. Dealing with Child Custody in Ontario can be stressful. The Court certainly will question your ability to meet the basic needs of the children in your care.

The custody decision involves handling important decisions about your children:

  • Education
  • Religion
  • Medical treatment

In Ontario, in most family law cases, the decision of the Court will consider the physical custody order and the parent’s income and can be about joint custody or sole custody.

Joint custody is when the parents must agree on major decisions that affect their child. Sometimes it is difficult for the parents to make the same situation. Sole custody meaning that the court chooses just one of the parents to make the important decision for the child.

When parents have an agreement, they can make a written parenting plan called a parenting agreement, a separation agreement, or a paternity agreement. Our team can help you to write the agreement.

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