Civil Litigation – FAQs

It s a legal dispute between two or more parties. Firstly, the plaintiff party seek some damages or compensation from the defendant party for the harm or injuries they have suffered

The Party who initiates the Lawsuit is known as Plaintiff. On the other hand, the party that responds to the lawsuit is known as the Defendant.

An injunction is a Court order to prevent someone from performing an act which includes

  • Trademark/Copyright infringement
  • Customer Interaction 
  • Publishing defaming comments
  • Using someone personal information

There are several factors that need to be considered before filing a civil litigation lawsuit. You can also negotiate to settle your dispute out of court. You should correctly know the exact details of who you want to sue (Legal name and present address). Other factors include

  • Able to attend a court hearing on more than one occasion
  • Which court you want to file a lawsuit
  • Do you have relevant information and supporting evidence to file your claim?

If you are not happy with the decision of your insurance company and feel you are not treated as per your terms of the contract, you may wish to seek legal action to get what you deserve. To file a claim, contact our civil litigation lawyer.

If you have received a statement of Claim in Ontario, you have 20 days to file a statement of defense. Gather all the necessary information, documents according to the claims of the Plaintiff and prepare the statement of defense.

If it suggested seeking a Legal Representative who can represent and put forward your case in a Legal manner. Contact our Civil Litigation Lawyer now.

If both Plaintiff and Defendant agree that the outcome of the case will be the same as assumed then they both can settle for an agreement “out-of-court”. It can save you a considerable amount of time and expenses during the trial process.

Losing a Lawsuit will make you liable by the Court of law to pay the damages to the winning party. Contact our civil litigation lawyer for more information.