Condo meetings

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Condo meetings

It is part of the activities of condominium companies to hold meetings. They are necessary for the monitoring of activities in the condominium in decision making. Some meetings involve only the management of the condominium, and others are open to all owners. The meetings open to all owners is usually known as the annual general meeting.

It is common for problems to arise around the meetings, as hardly all owners agreed with the decisions.

Some common examples of problems related to meetings include:

  • Problems with voting methods, as not everyone agrees.
  • Some owners have the feeling that they have been left out of the decision-making process.
  • One of the owners can want to include an item on the list, and the council refuses that item.
  • Problem with some forms such as the power of attorney form. When they are filled in incorrectly, they are refused.

To know your rights at condo meetings, it is essential that you first check if your condominium is acting according to the Condominium Law and the statute established in your condominium.

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