Condo parking dispute

condo parking disputes

Condo parking dispute

Usually, when you live in a condominium, your space is quite limited. Thus, questions about storage and parking possibilities are very important and can determine the choice or not of the condominium. Usually, the manager of your condominium is responsible for these common areas. Any condo parking disputes should be to report firstly to him.

  • Some examples of parking disputes that can happen are:
  • Parking can be rented, rented, or lent to occupants and owners;
  • Some units of local storage or parking spaces that are owned by the owners of the units;
  • Some storage and parking facilities can be shared
  • The condominium corporation must not have storage or parking

Disputes about storage and parking problems usually arise from noncompliance with what was agreed in the statute and condominium rules. Therefore, as soon as you face any type of condo parking dispute, be sure to look for the rules of your condominium to understand your rights. If you believe you are being wronged, be sure to contact us. Call us for a free consultation – 416-221-2221

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