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Construction Disputes

Construction disputes arise between property managers/homeowners and contractors/subcontractors when there is uncertainty in the contract, overpayments, and/or markable delay in the construction process.

If you’ve supplied material, labor, or other services to a property and you have not been paid, you may be eligible to register a construction lien against the property. On the other hand, a construction lien should be registered within 45 days of the last date of supply of the project.

Common Construction Disputes

  • Construction Lien
  • Delay Claims
  • Employment and Contractor Disputes
  • Lending and borrowing litigation
  • Restoration
  • Termination, cancellation, and contracts
  • Demolition
  • Construction Loan Litigation
  • Condo Construction Disputes
  • Procurement, bidding, and tender disputes
  • Project Management agreement disputes
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What is a construction lien?

A construction lien is a claim based on title to commercial property to a contractor/subcontractor when the owner of the property is not satisfied with the payment of the invoice for work done on the property. On the other hand, a construction lien can act as a roadblock as it makes it impossible for the owner to sell or refinance his property. 

Lienable Materials 

  • Landscaping Materials: Soil, gravel, plants, and other materials used to the property
  • Rental Equipment such as Bulldozers, forklifts, lifts, and other equipment can be rented without an operator
  • Construction Materials such as drywall, lumber, bricks, and other building materials

Non-Lienable Materials

Belongings that can be removed from the property such as furniture, window blinds, or water cooling systems

Construction Dispute Resolution

Whether you are pursuing a lien claim, construction delay, cost overruns, tender dispute, having an experienced construction lawyer on your side is important. Our Lawyer at Juzkiw Law has experienced in handling a number of construction dispute cases.

We can assist in resolving construction disputes through arbitration, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution.

Our Experience can help you to anticipate and identity early risks and provide you a cost-effective solution

Review Contract

Our experienced construction dispute lawyer will review your construction agreement and any other documentation you have related to the project. 

Placing and Enforcing a construction lien in Ontario

There are certain steps you need to take to place a construction lien in Ontario

  • A lienholder must take an action to place their lien within 45 days of the date the contract is completed or deserted
  • How you place your lien depends on if the lien is attached to a section of real estate. On the other hand, the lien can be placed by providing a copy of the claim for lien to the property owner.

It is a  standard document that contains information such as the description of the materials or services, supplies, and the description of the premises related to the lien

For a Contractor:

The construction lien must be filed within 45 days of either

  1. Completion or termination of the contract or
  2. The publication of the certificate of substantial performance

For a sub-contractor:

The construction lien must be filed within 45 days of either

  1. The date on which the supplier or subcontractor last supplied materials or the date he subcontracts is to be completed or
  2. The publication of the certificate of substantial performance.

To determine exactly the last date of the supplied material or services, you need to take a look at the last date on which the work was performed

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At Juzkiw Law, we have kept our practice small as we believe in staying lean and fast to meet our clients’ personal and business needs. Our Team members are

Stefan Juzkiw, civil litigation lawyer

Stefan Juzkiw

Lawyer & Founder

Owner and founder of Juzkiw Law, Stefan Juzkiw, has been helping clients with a variety of claims since 2013. His specialties are litigation, family law, and immigration

Stefan Juzkiw

Stefan Juzkiw, civil litigation lawyer

Owner and founder of Juzkiw Law, Stefan Juzkiw, has been helping clients with a variety of claims since 2013. His specialties are small claims, family law, and immigration. Natural-born storyteller that captivates an audience, with engagement through the best display lens, Stefan Juzkiw is a life-long learner and enjoys the challenge of solving problems. Stefan is an expert with the legal process and familiar with the system. He is a strategic thinker and enjoys analysis of various paths and finds the best possible solution. His passion to help clients in difficult situations, strong negotiation and persuasion skills had made him a strong and winning lawyer. Stefan graduated in electrical engineering and completed his Master of Business Administration and his JD from the Wayne State university licensed lawyer in Michigan, USA, and Ontario, Canada.

At Juzkiw Law, Stefan’s services as a lawyer help clients in areas under

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Stefan’s services are available in the Greater Toronto Area

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Rishab Lohan

Associate Lawyer

Rishab is an internationally trained lawyer and gained considerable experience in various areas of litigation after completing his LL.M.

Rishab Lohan, Associate Lawyer


Rishab is an internationally trained lawyer and gained considerable experience in various areas of litigation after completing his LL.M. Being passionate about, and having knowledge of Family Law, Business Law, and other areas of civil litigation, he assists the office with a great spirit and enthusiasm to satisfy the needs of our clients. Rishab is a goal-oriented person, who would go to considerable lengths to provide our clients with out-of-the-box solutions to their problems, and provides quality work within tight deadlines.

Rishab’ services are available in the Greater Toronto Area and are available 24×7 for emergencies

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Phone: 416-221-2221

Why Choose Us?

From contractor disputes to construction liens, there are numerous reasons why you need a Construction Disputes Lawyer. Juzkiw Law provides legal assistance with various types of construction issues such as liens, contract disputes, delays, and termination, among many others.

Our team recognizes the importance of your case, and would be happy to assist you regarding your claims. Each case is handled individually by our construction attorneys, making it their top priority to form personal connections and trust with our clients, treating every issue as if it were our own. As a boutique law firm, we take the time to give personal attention to every client, and ensure that we truly have their best interests in mind.

Choosing the right representation for your dispute is critical to your success. At Juzkiw law, we are here to listen to you, provide reputable legal advice, and give you some peace of mind.

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Construction Disputes FAQ’s

According to the Ontario construction lien act, a person who supplies materials or services to an improvement for owners, subcontractors, or contractors can file a property lien against the place they improved for the cost of services or materials

Individual or company that is either:

  • Workers on the project
  • Suppliers of materials used on the project, including equipment renters
  • Contractors hired by the owner to work on the project
  • Subcontractors hired by contractor/other subcontractors to work on the project
  • Engineers/Architects on the project. However, a person who works for or supplies material to an architect/engineer or material supplier can not claim a builder’s lien

Registering a construction lien can usually be done for approximately $2,000 plus taxes, including potential filing fees by the government. Prices may vary depending on the circumstances.

No, a lien claim can not be filed in small claims court. However, a lawsuit for money can be filed in small claims court.

Yes, the lien must be perfected within 60 days after the last day that the lien could have been preserved.

Though vacating and discharging a lien are similar concepts, the result of each is significantly different. Vacating a lien does not strip the lien claimant of their right to be paid, however, the owner’s house/property is no longer involved.

A lien is usually vacated if a portion of the money has been posted by the owner, though not provided to the lien claimant unless the owner loses the lawsuit. When a lien is discharged, on the other hand, the lien claimant loses their right to be paid entirely. A lien is usually discharged if the owner has provided full payment.

It is required that all owners, contractors, and subcontractors retain 10% of the cost of the services/materials that they supply on a project. This holdback limits the liability of all parties in the case of potential lien claims that may come up later in the payment process.

A lien can be vacated if the mandatory security has been posted/paid into court in any of the following forms:

  • A certified cheque or a bank draft
  • Letter of credit
  • Lien bond

This amount is designated as the lower option between $50,000 or 25% of the cost of the lien. In order to vacate the lien, a motion must be brought to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for leave to post/pay the security and an order to vacate the lien.

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Frederico Eduardo Di Lullo
Stefan and his team is really Good. Went to get information on Small Claims as i had no idea of it. They really helped me a lot
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