Criminal Law FAQs

Every individual who has been charged with a criminal offense has the right to a trial. The decision to plead guilty should not be taken before discussing with an experienced criminal lawyer who can correctly advise you regarding its consequences

After carefully assessing your case, we will decide whether a trial is recommended or a plea of guilt

Our Firm generally does not accept any Legal Aid. However, we can discuss your matter for any expectations if applicable

For Criminal Cases in Ontario, the first day is not a trial date but a general appearance for the purpose of understanding the nature of charges, obtain disclosure and advise the court of your intentions in retaining a Lawyer

It depends upon what case you have after reviewing it but there is always a possibility of something which can help you. If you want your criminal case to be evaluated and get, contact Stefan Juzkiw to get help in all of your case related queries.

If you are facing drug charges then find an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately to fight for your charges. Firstly, most of the drugs found by a police officer in rather unnoticeable places like cars, homes, and pockets which raise questions on whether the police found them in a lawful manner or not. On the other hand, further questions arise who is in legal possession of the controlled substance

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer who has extensive knowledge of the Legal System is suggested. Though, every case is different and requires a different legal approach. It is not suggested to navigate the case by yourself as it can confusing and frustrating for you and may face consequences for it.
An experienced criminal lawyer can not only tell you the potential outcome of the case, but he will also tell you the risks and benefits of proceeding to trial, the cost and what would happen if you are found guilty of the charges accused

For any arrest, it is advised often to not say anything to the police officer or investigators which can be used against you in the court of law as evidence. Try to remain patient and contact a criminal defense lawyer to represent you immediately.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers are experienced in defending cases like Impaired Driving. Contact us today and understand more about your rights.

Yes, we offer a free consultation to evaluate the details of your case to understand it better to provide you with Legal advice. Contact our Criminal Defence Lawyer Stefan Juzkiw today.