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A Criminal Record Will Follow You For Life

If you are charged with a criminal offence, your record will negatively impact you. It may prevent you from getting jobs, traveling across borders, or even becoming a Canadian citizen. When dealing with Family Law issues, a Judge will consider your criminal record when granting custody. However, with the right lawyers, you will never have to worry about a record following you. 

What Can A Criminal Lawyer Do For You?

It is not uncommon for over-zealous crown prosecutors and police officers to persecute innocent individuals. There are many instances where an arresting officer does not follow all arrest protocols and rules of evidence when building an investigation. As Criminal Defence Lawyer, we put in our due diligence and evaluate evidence provided by the trial to expose any evidence used against you. As lawyers, we know what evidence is inadmissible and which facts should be dismissed, standing up for our clients every step along the way.

Understanding Your Rights When Criminally Charged

It is essential to know your rights when facing an investigation and a trial. Many times, without a lawyer, a person under the pressure of an investigation will misconstrue their history, priorities, and rights. However, under Juzkiw Law’s guidance, we will personally take the time to understand every set of particular circumstances, which is best represented in our free consultation. 

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