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Small Claims – Demand Letter Ontario

The Small Claims Court in Ontario deals with civil disputes of a monetary value of up to $35,000 (Canadian).

In small claims cases, we act in little value, but crucial actions related to consumer rights, such as breach of contract, unpaid invoices, property damage, due rent and loans, insurance indemnities, and acts against health plans others.
To sue a person or business in small claims court, your lawsuit, called a claim, must fall into one of the two following categories:

1.Claims for money (monetary damages) owed under an agreement, such as:

  • unpaid accounts for goods or services sold and delivered
  • unpaid loans
  • unpaid rent
  • NSF (non-sufficient funds) cheques

1.Claims for damages, such as,

If you want to sue for more than $35,000, you must do that in Superior Court.
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