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Disobey sign charges

Disobey sign charges are defendable and can be reduced to a minor offense. As per the Ontario Highway traffic, the act states that all drivers must stop at a stop sign, failure to do so result in a ticket. A driver can also receive a ticket he fails to yield the right of way to the other vehicle. Both of these charges result in a similar penalty and the same demerit points.

Penalties for Disobeying Traffic Sign

Penalties for Disobeying traffic signs are as below.

  • $110 Fine
  • 3 Demerit points on Licence
  • Increase in Insurance rates

Your Driving History will be affected and may be used by the insurance company to increase your premium for a few years.

How to fight a Disobey Sign Ticket

A traffic ticket may look like a common issue, but it is not easy to have the charges withdrawn completely. Hire an experienced traffic ticket lawyer who knows how to represent you and fight a disobey sign ticket. Call us today – 416 221-2221 and keep your driving record clean.

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