Driving Without Insurance

A men caught driving without insurance in Ontario

In Ontario, you cannot drive a vehicle without insurance. In the event of property damage, injury or death, car insurance will protect both the driver and anyone else affected. It is crrucial to note that the uninsured violation’s responsibility is not the driver’s, but the vehicle’s owner or lessee.

Driving Without Insurance

According to the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, the legal penalties for driving without insurance are severe, and the consequences of a conviction can be huge. The minimum $ 5,000 fine plus $ 1,250 costs. Your license may be suspended for more than one year, and your car may be seized for up to three months.

It is also essential to know that your next insurance rates will skyrocket if you are convicted of driving an uninsured car. Most vehicle insurers treat insurance violations as serious breaches.

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