Drug Offences

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Drug Offences

If you have been arrested and/or Charged for selling or using Drugs then Juzkiw Law is the best firm to represent you. Drug offences are complex charges where a Court determines the type and length of the sentence for the following Drug offence taken into consideration

  • Substance Quantity
  • Offender Previous Record
  • Drug Trafficking of different or more than one drug
  • Type of Drug
  • Purpose of Illegal Drug Possession

According to the Controlled Drug and Substance Act (CDSA), Illegal drugs are listed as Cocaine, Heroin, Fentanyl, Morphinans. A person can face serious criminal charges under

  • Importing and Exporting of Illegal Drugs
  • Possession for purpose of Exporting and Trafficking of Illegal Drugs
  • Being a selling party and producing substance

What is Considered Possession?

A Considered possession means you have kept Drugs in a place you control like Car or House. The Crown Attorney must prove you were fully aware about the Illegal Drug and being guilty for having physical custody of the Drug.

Is Possession of Controlled Drugs a Criminal Drug Offence

Possession of Drugs is a Criminal Drug Offence If the person is found guilty of selling or using Illegal Drugs. Penalties will be imposed for Drug possession like a fine of $1000 and 6 months of Jail time for first-time offenders.

Drug Charges on a Person varies because of two Factors – Possession of Drugs and in what Manner, the police have obtained drugs from the person. This will lead to a Criminal Record on the History of an Individual if this matter is not taken seriously and not seeking a legal representation from an Experienced Drug Lawyer

Cannabis Law

Under the Federal Cannabis Act, Possession of Cannabis is no longer a Crime in Canada. Though, there are Legal Limits to how much Cannabis you can possess. Under the Federal Law, the minimum Legal age for possession of Cannabis is 18.

In Majority of the provinces, you can Legally have upto 5 Cannabis Plants at home for your personal use

If you are found over having excess possession of Cannabis, Call now at 416-221-2221 for Legal Help

What is Considered Trafficking?

Trafficking of Illegal Drugs Under the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act (CDSA) means

  • Selling, transporting or transferring of Illegal Drugs or Substance
  • Sending or Delivering of Illegal Drugs or Substance
  • Selling a Licence to obtain the Substance

Penalties for Drug Trafficking

Penalties may include life in prison or Jail time and probation for a few years. Factors vary on what type of substance being sold, previous record of the accused, in what quantity of substance is found

Have you been Producing Illegal Substance?

Producing Illegal Substance is also an offence under Controlled Drugs and Substance Act (CDSA). Producing substance include

  • Harvesting and Cultivating of substance
  • Manufacturing of Substance

Penalties for Producing Illegal Substance

Penalties for Producing Illegal Substance include Jail Time of up to 3 years and Life imprisonment for Repeated Offenders

If you have been charged for Producing an Illegal Substance, contact Juzkiw Law now! We have an experienced drug lawyer to defend you.

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