Employment Insurance

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Employment Insurance

Employment Insurance may look complex and complicated, but most people don’t know that almost every employee qualifies for it. You are entitled to get a salary from the Government if you are not working for a reason, including:

  1. Sickness Benefits – Include employee who is unable to work due to injury or illness
  2. Regular Benefits – Employees who are Terminated from employment without cause
  3. Compassionate Care Benefits – Employees who leave work to care for an ill family member
  4. Maternity and Parental Benefits – Pregnant Women and individuals who had a newborn recently or adopted a baby

However, You may not be Entitled to Benefits if

  1. You were dismissed for just cause (misconduct, incompetence, or negligence in your job)
  2. You voluntarily left your job without just cause.
  3. You are unemployed because you are on strike.

If you are denied to get Employment Insurance (“EI”) benefits from the government, it is preferred to contact an Employment Lawyer who is specialized in Employment Law and can give you what you deserve.

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