Fail to Remain Accidents

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Fail to Remain Accidents under Ontario Highway

Failure to Remain is a severe offense under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act to leave the scene of an accident in which a person is involved directly or indirectly.

Penalties for Fail to Remain

Under the Highway traffic act, the penalty for failure to remain is

  • Six Demerit points on Driver’s record
  • Mandatory Licence suspension for Class G1 and G2 drivers
  • Insurance premium increase for three years or more
  • Fine up to $2500
  • License suspension up to 6 months for Class G drivers
  • Up to 6 months Jail for severe offenses

If a driver is convicted for Fail to Remain and represents themselves in court are vulnerable to the risk of convicting themselves due to

  • Improper cross-examination of witnesses
  • Being unaware of Legal proceedings
  • Forced to make you appear guilty

Traffic Ticket Lawyer

It is always recommended to seek legal representation. Our traffic ticket lawyer is experienced in handling fines for accidents for not staying under the Ontario Highway.

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