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1. Separation Agreements

A separation agreement is a written agreement between two spouses who are about to separate or have separated. It is essentially a contract which is signed between you and your spouse in order to resolve issues like custody, property, spousal support, etc. In addition, the written agreement may include how the property will be divided, who will live in the family property or pay the family debts, make spousal and child support payments, who will keep the custody of the children, what kind of visiting rights the other parent will have over the children.

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2. Answer an application for Divorce at Family Law Toronto Court

Have you received a divorce order or you want to bring an application for separation of assets, child custody, and support? Juzkiw law helps you in family law matters, we offer affordable services without any hidden fees. We will make sure your application is complete and your rights are respected. Contact us for a free consultation and we will make sure your rights are protected. We also deal with a contested and uncontested divorce.

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3. Simple Divorce

Deciding a Divorce is very stressful and difficult if you don’t get guidance from someone who can make this process simple and straightforward. In Ontario, the application process for submitting a divorce is simple where you need to arrange and complete the necessary divorced documents and deliver to the desired court in your area.

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4. Domestic Violence

Domestic assault and domestic violence allegations and charges are very severe and unfortunately are common family law Toronto Court cases. The sentences frequently can result in a criminal record or jail time. These types of charges are considered significant by the Court and they tend to use all the resources available from the government to prosecute them to the extent of the law.
The police will lay charges first and let the Courts sort out who is guilty or innocent in the matter. On the other hand, you will be prohibited from having contact with your loved ones like children or spouse until the charges have been dealt with by the court. An experienced domestic violence lawyer can help you avoid a criminal record which can keep your background clean and troubles from financial hardships faced in future or future challenges like employment, etc.

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Stefan helped me File my Permanent Residency. Great guy always helping
Olufowobi Toyin
Olufowobi Toyin
Stefan Juzkiw is the best family lawyer in Toronto. He cared about my case and explained everything that I needed. I highly recommended your services.
Stefan and his team is nice. I came as a refugee they helped me file for my Permanent Residency
Odeyale Tayo
Odeyale Tayo
Great Lawyer. Glad I found Juzkiw Law! Stefan Juzkiw is a great small claims lawyer. The best lawyer in Toronto. Excellence in service, competence, commitment, trust, transparency, and impeccable work. He closed my case in a timely manner and stayed in touch with me throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Stefan Juzkiw and Juzkiw Law firm for small claims cases.
Juliana Santos Krüger
Juliana Santos Krüger
I really appreciate the Juzkiw law firm for helping me, especially in my immigration process. They clarified everything I needed to know about immigration laws and kept me informed of my process at all times. Stefan Juzkiw really knows what he is doing. He is a great lawyer. I would recommend his services to anyone.
Frederico Eduardo Di Lullo
Frederico Eduardo Di Lullo

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