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We understand that some families have different circumstances and may be going through some dark times. At Juzkiw Law, our lawyers have the experience and patience to help guide your family through issues of separation, divorce, or other family law matters. To move onto the next stage of your life, schedule a free consultation by contacting us at 416-221-2221 or email us at


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  • Fair financial settlements for all parties involved
  • The maintenance and enhancement of parent/child or other family relationships
  • Children’s rights
  • Spousal rights
  • Procedural Fairness


Feeling Overwhelmed And Confused?

In our experience, we know that our clients often feel overwhelmed and confused, and may not know their rights or options. Your family law case does not have to be a long and contentious dispute. There are many options that do not have to drag your family through an expensive, stressful, and time-consuming court battle. Through our expertise in mediation, arbitration, and collaboration, we can highlight alternatives to court. However, at Juzkiw Law, we will help you decide whether out-of-court methods or a court session is the right path.


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Juzkiw Law is committed to reaching practical, effective solutions for people going through divorce or separation. Our lawyers’ highest priority is providing our clients with the best quality of legal services. We know that your needs matter and will work towards moving your family forward.

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Children often take up all of their parents’ time. Much like you, we will tirelessly work in protecting your children’s’ best interests. Divorce or separation can cause anxiety for children, and we will ensure an outcome that protects their well-being.

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Juzkiw Law is no stranger to getting results in court. Although there are many alternatives, sometimes it is the best option for the case at hand.

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Juzkiw Law is committed to staying available and in great communications with our clients. We take a personalized approach to ensure that we protect your family’s rights and that we achieve the best possible outcome. Contact Juzkiw Law at (416) 221-2221 or email to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer.


  • If a married couple separates, one spouse usually must pay the other spouse money called an “equalization payment”.
  • The property that you bring into the relationship, plus any increase in its value, usually continues to belong to you alone. Anything that you buy for yourself with your brown money during the relationship and own in your name usually belongs only to you. 
  • Equalization comes into play when deciding who gets what is jointly owned. For example, if you both contributed to a car and a house, both will be jointly divided or their value will be divided.
  • The parent with whom the child lives is entitled to receive child support from the other parent, on behalf of the child. There are two guidelines that Child Support payments must follow:
    • A basic monthly amount, called the table amount
    • A amount for other expenses, called special or extraordinary expenses
  • The table amount depends on teh gross annual income of the payor parent and the number of children the support is for
  • Special or extraordinary expenses may include:
    • Healthcare, post-secondary education expenses, extracurriculars, daycare, etc.
    • If parents do not agree on how special expenses are divided, they might go to court, where the court decides which expenses are necessary for the child’s best interests and what expenses are reasonable.

Unlike child support, there are no legally binding guidelines for spousal support. If an entitlement exists for a spouse, the amount and duration can be determined by reference to the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines.