Fingerprint Destruction and Pardons

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Fingerprint Destruction and Pardons

Once an individual is arrested, the police take the fingerprints and photographs of the individual into their custody and forward them to the RCMP to place it on the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC). The information is saved in the CPIC Computers and the database is accessed by all Police Agencies like Canadian Customs, RCMP etc.

This can seriously hamper your day to day life in many ways

  • May affect you Travel or Immigration plans as the border staff and police may treat you differently after seeing your past record
  • May Impact your Vulnerable Check from Police
  • Previous records may impact how police treat if performed any traffic violation

Can My Fingerprints be Destroyed?

Fingerprints are a part of your private entity and you have the right to apply for the records to be destroyed. Though, the process of destroying Fingerprints is not instant. It is always better to get Your Fingerprints records destroyed as soon as possible. Contact our Experienced Criminal Lawyer to remove your criminal records today – 416-221-2221

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