Landlord Harassment

a women facing being a Landlord Harassment

Landlord Harassment

You have the right to enjoy your time and have personal space living at the house. A Landlord is not allowed to threaten, harass you or invade your privacy.

Here are some of the examples that are considered as Harassment

  1. Discriminating you on the basis of religion, color, background, sexual
  2. orientation, disability etc.
  3. Invading your place without your presence
  4. Taking photographs of your house and belongings without your permission
  5. Exchanging your personal information with someone or a third party agency without your permission
  6. Cutting of your Heat, electricity and telephone services intentionally
  7. Insulting you or yelling at you
  8. Making inappropriate comments

If you are facing any of these issues listed above then you are being a Landlord Harassment. Stand up for your rights and don’t hesitate to take legal help in this matter.

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