Humanitarian and Compassionate Application (H&C)

two hands with a gesture that looks like Humanitarian and Compassionate

Humanitarian and Compassionate Application

If a person in Canada is unable to fit in any criteria which leads to his/her permanent residency then he/she may apply for a Permanent Residence on the basis of Humanitarian and compassionate application.
There are several conditions which may need to be met for filing the application under Humanitarian & Compassionate application (H&C) like

  • Having a Criminal Record that makes them inadmissible to Canada
  • May have a Medical Issue for inadmissibility
  • May have lived in Canada for a longer time and have obtained a degree of establishment in Canada
  • As per the Immigration Refugee Protection Regulations, a person may have been excluded from being a member of a family due to the failure of their sponsor to declare their existence, etc.
  • Economic Establishment in Canada

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