Immigration Lawyer FAQs

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There are various ways through which an individual can immigrate to Canada. Please navigate through all the information available at the immigration section of our website, or call us to talk with our experienced immigration lawyer

If your immigration visa got refused, there must be a reason for it. To get more information on it, contact our immigration lawyer to reapply with confidence

It depends on how much time you intend to stay in Canada and the purpose of your visit. On the other hand, if you are accompanied by a friend or relative then they also need to show proof of financial support and income, the purpose of visiting Canada.

You need to fulfill financial requirements to sponsor your spouse and family in Canada. Although these requirements are nominal it is suggested to consult an immigration lawyer to have a review before submitting documents to the immigration.

In most cases, you cannot sponsor your brother and sister in Canada. However, you may add points to your siblings if they apply for express entry in Canada.

We need to discuss your case first before making a decision. Call us to talk with our immigration lawyer at 416 221-2221.

A Skilled Worker is an individual who is chosen to become a permanent resident based on their work experience, age, valid job offer education, skills in English and/or French (Canada’s two official languages), etc.

A Permanent Resident is a Legal status given by immigration Canada. He/She has the right to work and live in Canada without any time duration. A permanent resident shares the same rights as a citizen but they cannot vote.

It depends on what profile you have. After carefully examining your details and background, we can make a decision. Call to talk with our experienced immigration lawyer at 416 221-2221 to confirm your eligibility