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Why Immigrate to Canada?

Recently ranked No. 1 in the world for quality of life and social purpose (CTV News, 2019), Canada is a world leader in immigration systems and proudly proclaims itself to be one of the world’s most diverse and multicultural economies. Each year, it welcomes more than 300,000 immigrants to make Canada their permanent home and offers them opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute. Immigration plays a significant role in helping build and grow the Canadian economy due to the values, skills, wealth, and big dreams immigrants bring.  

Under its immigration system, Canada offers individuals several programs to become permanent residents. Each of these programs differs based on the individual’s experience and status. These immigration programs are designed specifically for economic and family immigration, refugees, and individuals who want to stay in Canada temporarily.

Canada is amongst one of the most sought-after countries for relocation and permanent settlement. The decision to immigrate to a new and possibly unknown country is never easy. Prospective immigrants turn to Canada with hope for a better life and often leave their family, culture, and home behind to provide their children with a life they never had. Moving to such a welcoming environment full of freedom, innovation, universal healthcare, and quality education is truly an amazing thing. Being a personal and emotional journey, it is only right that their new life in Canada bears the fruits of their labour.

Some of the economic and family immigration programs include:

  1. Express Entry system, a point-based system wherein prospective candidates are evaluated on their language knowledge, educational qualifications, skills, and work experience, and each of these categories is allocated specific points;
  2. Provincial Nominee program, wherein candidates are nominated through individual provinces, with each province having a separate evaluation criterion;
  3. Start-up Visa program, which is most suitable for business people looking to invest in the Canadian business landscape;
  4. Caregiver Program which is targeted towards caretakers who are skilled in tending to children and those with special medical needs and,
  5. Quebec-selected Skilled Workers program, under which the province of Quebec chooses skilled individuals based on its criteria.

Additionally, Canada offers help to eligible refugees seeking resettlement due to fear of death, persecution, or torture. Those looking to settle in Canada temporarily can avail programs specifically targeted to them.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

While hiring a Canadian immigration lawyer is not mandatory, it has immense advantages. The seemingly straightforward immigration procedure might have legal ramifications, requiring the knowledge and guidance of a professional. The fact is that there is more than what meets the eye. With constant changes and updates to immigration policies, it becomes difficult for a non-professional to keep track of new information. Lawyers must stay abreast of significant developments in a vast range of areas – immigration policies being one of them. With Canada offering individuals a range of pathways and options to immigrate, working within and around these different programs becomes highly complex. Furthermore, different scenarios may need to be interpreted in a specific manner, which may be easier for a professional to do. 

The consequences of making a mistake and faltering when self-representing could prove costly in terms of both time and money. A trained immigration lawyer comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience that could be the difference between a successful application and rejection. A trained lawyer has clarity when analyzing each case and knowing which program will be most suitable for that particular case. While a non-professional may only be aware of one or two possible courses of action, an immigration lawyer may know five of six. This, coupled with the extensive paperwork and documentation involved, demands hiring a professional who is trained to work best under these tiresome circumstances to give the best result. In addition to guiding you through the process, a trained professional can also be a valuable source of information. They may know of additional immigration programs you may not be aware of and help you anticipate unfavourable situations to help you make the best decision for yourself and your family.

As a 2018 Toronto Star report states, the rate of refusal of permanent residence applications for those who self-represented was double the rate of those who hired a professional representative. Thus, if you are serious about relocating to Canada, consider hiring an experienced immigration lawyer.

Why Choose Us?

When you hire an immigration lawyer, your entire future rests in their hands. At Juzkiw Law, our goal is to help our clients attain all their immigration-related objectives and have an easy transition to the life they have manifested for themselves in Canada. As a boutique law firm, we are very close to our clients and handle every case personally and professionally. This enables us to devote ample time to your particular case and consider all the possible pathways to serve you better. Our professional Immigration lawyers have a profound understanding of the Canadian immigration landscape, owing to their numerous years of training, and have extensive experience working with clients from different walks of life. We believe it to be our honour to guide you and be a small but meaningful part of your successful immigration journey. The aim is to be transparent, genuine, and honest with our clients and treat every individual immigration case as a collaborative effort between our valued clients and us. We are glad to assist you wholeheartedly and offer a comprehensive consultation, free of cost, to help solve all your initial immigration apprehensions. Investing in Juzkiw Law is akin to investing in years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and trusted service, without compromising on the results. We at Juzkiw Law promise to never let you down!

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What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Stefan helped me File my Permanent Residency. Great guy always helping
Olufowobi Toyin
Olufowobi Toyin
Stefan Juzkiw is the best family lawyer in Toronto. He cared about my case and explained everything that I needed. I highly recommended your services.
Stefan and his team is nice. I came as a refugee they helped me file for my Permanent Residency
Odeyale Tayo
Odeyale Tayo
Great Lawyer. Glad I found Juzkiw Law! Stefan Juzkiw is a great small claims lawyer. The best lawyer in Toronto. Excellence in service, competence, commitment, trust, transparency, and impeccable work. He closed my case in a timely manner and stayed in touch with me throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Stefan Juzkiw and Juzkiw Law firm for small claims cases.
Juliana Santos Krüger
Juliana Santos Krüger
I really appreciate the Juzkiw law firm for helping me, especially in my immigration process. They clarified everything I needed to know about immigration laws and kept me informed of my process at all times. Stefan Juzkiw really knows what he is doing. He is a great lawyer. I would recommend his services to anyone.
Frederico Eduardo Di Lullo
Frederico Eduardo Di Lullo
Stefan and his team is really Good. Went to get information on Small Claims as i had no idea of it. They really helped me a lot
ankush verma
ankush verma
hired stefan juzkiw for my personal injury claim in 2015 and canreport that his law firm is outstanding. the casewas settled just recently and am glad i hired him and his firm. i was with another firm prior to moving to stefan's and he really listened much more and put more work into my file. Overall good lawyer. thanks
Royal R
Royal R
one of the best lawyers in GTA well known lawyer good for litigation and personal injury
Grand M
Grand M
One of the top law firms in the GTA, have used mr. stefan juzkiw for 2 cases of mine and very satisfied. thanx!!
User Name
User Name
One of the most down to earth honest lawyers you can possibly find, prompt with responses and direction and cares about the clients above and beyond any reasonable expectations. He is the type of guy who you can call in the middle of the night if you have worries, he reassures you and takes care of your cases with real care. I recommend him to anybody in an array of different law! 5/5

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Immigration FAQs

Permanent residents possess all of the same benefits as citizens including:

  • Access to universal (free) healthcare
  • Free elementary and secondary education
  • Right to live and work in Canada
  • Access to social benefits after 10 years of work, such as:
    • Tax rebates
    • Retirement payments
    • Disability benefits
    • etc.
  • Freedom to move within Canada or outside the country
  • Freedom to start a business/self-employment

However, there are 3 exceptions that citizens of Canada possess while permanent residents do not. These include:

  • The right to vote
  • The right to possess a Canadian passport
  • Permanent residents may be deported for particular criminal convictions

In order to be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship, one must have been physically present in Canada for at least 1,095 days (three years) within a consecutive five year time period. For more information click here.

One is considered a refugee if they fear or face persecution in their home country. This usually includes threat of physical harm, detention, or other cruel punishment. Discrimination and harassment may also be considered persecution. See the government of Canada website for more information.

  • Members of minority religious groups and ethnicities fearing persecution by the general population or non-governmental organizations, and unprotected by authorities
  • Members of an opposition political party or the LGBT+ community fearing persecution for their beliefs, sexual orientation, or lack of support for the government
  • People fearing persecution from criminals, gangs, or mafia
  • Women fearing violence or punishment from husbands/family members, as well as those who do not wish to conform to gender expectations such as arranged marriages, “required attire”, etc.

Public services including, but not limited to, public education and universal health care are accessible while refugee claims are being processed (emergency medical treatment is also guaranteed free of charge to those who can not afford medical insurance). You are also able to work in Canada while your claim is processed.  For more information about refugee services, click here.

  • Proof of acceptance & enrolment in a Canadian accredited academic institution
  • Valid passport or travel documents
  • Proof of financial support
  • Proof of intention to leave Canada after study period is over
  • Proof of no criminal history or endangering medical conditions