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Inadmissibility to immigrate to Canada

Canada is a welcoming place for individuals who seek to gain experience from the opportunities provided by this wonderful place but not all have their dreams fulfilled as few unfortunates also face rejection and does not grant access to walk across the borders
Entry to Canada can be denied for various reasons like

  • Medical Condition
  • Past Criminal Record
  • Improper Documentation

All of the reasons above can lead to inadmissibility, is it more painful especially spending a lot of money on travel tickets and hotel booking only to get a denial to enter the country. It is always better to seek an expert immigration professional who has the knowledge and ability to deal with these types of cases.
If your application has been or denied for any of the reasons listed above then you may apply for a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) which will make you eligible to stay in Canada for a limited time.

What is a Temporary Residence Permit?

A Temporary Residence Permit allows a person to enter Canada as either a worker, visitor, or student. However, you may be deemed to be inadmissible if you have a criminal record, have improper documents submitted to the immigration office, or have a Medical Condition that is halting your entry.

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