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Landlord and tenant disputes often occur as a result of one or both of the parties’ breach of contract/rules, misbehaviour, rent hike, non-payment of rent, maintenance issues, etc. This generally consists of one party (the plaintiff) seeking compliance, mediation, or monetary/alternative damages from another party (the defendant). Whether you are facing eviction or dealing with disrespectful tenants, it is necessary to contact a lawyer for help deciding how to move forward. Due to the complex nature of lease agreements and rental disputes, it is crucial to understand all aspects of the situation as well as landlord-tenant law. Settling a dispute can be very difficult, especially without creating other disputes and potential issues. At Juzkiw Law, we are here to provide our expertise and resources in order to help you achieve the greatest possible outcome.

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Our Areas of Litigation Expertise

Unpaid Rent

If a tenant is not paying rent, the landlord can appeal to the Landlord and Tenant Board in order to terminate the contract and evict the tenant. If you are dealing with a tenant that is not paying rent, Juzkiw Law can help. Click the link above to find out more about unpaid rent. At Juzkiw Law, we can review your case with you and give legal advice on how to proceed with a rent dispute.

Tenant Eviction Help

If your tenant is conducting activity that is considered punishable by eviction, Juzkiw Law can help. Click the link above to visit our “Tenant Eviction Help” page, outlining valid reasons for evicting a tenant. At Juzkiw Law, we can review your case with you and give legal advice on how to proceed with tenant eviction.

After Eviction, Collecting Unpaid Rent & Damages

If you are dealing with a tenant that has not paid for all of the rent and/or damages, Juzkiw Law can help. Click the link above to find out more about owed payments. At Juzkiw Law, we can review your case, provide legal advice and help you collect unpaid rent and damages.

Landlord Harassment

If you are dealing with a landlord that is threatening you, harassing you, or invading your personal space, Juzkiw Law can help. Click the link above to find out more about what can be considered landlord harassment. At Juzkiw Law, we can review your case, provide legal advice and help you stand up for your rights.

Preparing for LTB Hearing

Coming prepared to your Landlord-Tenant Board Hearing is absolutely crucial to your success. If you need help preparing for your hearing, Juzkiw Law can help. Click the link above to find out more about preparation for an LTB hearing. At Juzkiw Law, we can review your case, help you prepare and represent your case.

Persistently Late Rent

It is a tenants responsibility to pay their rent on time. If you are dealing with a tenant that is consistently not paying rent on time, Juzkiw Law can help. Click the link above to find out more about late rental payments. At Juzkiw Law, we can review your case with you and give legal advice on how to proceed with a rent dispute.

Property Damage

Property damage occurs when there is damage to physical property (personal or real estate). If you are dealing with a tenant that has caused damage to your property, Juzkiw Law can help. Click the link above to find out what types of property damage you can charge a tenant for. At Juzkiw Law, we can review your case and give legal advice on how to proceed with a property damage dispute.

Landlord’s Failure to Repair, Return Deposit

The landlord is responsible for maintaining the property due to ‘wear and tear’ over the course of the rental period. If you are dealing with a landlord that refuses to repair the property, or return the original deposit, Juzkiw Law can help. Click the link above to find out more about maintenance issues that your landlord is obligated to repair. At Juzkiw Law, we can review your case, provide legal advice and help you proceed with legal action.

Landlord’s Illegal Entry

 If you are dealing with a landlord that is illegally entering your rental space, Juzkiw Law can help. Click the link above to find out more about laws surrounding illegal entry. At Juzkiw Law, we can review your case, provide legal advice and help you proceed with legal action.

Tenant Remedies

It is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure that the rented property remains habitable throughout the duration of the lease period. Click the link above to find out more about laws surrounding tenant remedies. If you are dealing with a landlord that is violating these requirements, Juzkiw Law can help. At Juzkiw Law, we can review your case, provide legal advice and help you proceed with legal action.

Why Choose Us?

From unpaid rent to landlord harassment, there are numerous reasons why you need a Landlord-Tenant Lawyer. Juzkiw Law provides legal/litigation assistance with various types of landlord-tenant disputes such as eviction, privacy violations, and property maintenance, among many others.

Our team recognizes the importance of your case, and would be happy to assist you regarding your claims. Each case is handled individually by our landlord-tenant attorneys, making it their top priority to form personal connections and trust with our clients, treating every issue as if it were our own. As a boutique law firm, we take the time to give personal attention to every client, and ensure that we truly have their best interests in mind.

Choosing the right representation for your dispute is critical to your success. At Juzkiw law, we are here to listen to you, provide reputable legal advice, and give you some peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Tenant AAA rating is likely what most landlords are looking for. It means a tenant that has the most desirable credit rating.

Finding great tenants for your property can be challenging and time-consuming work. But it will save you many problems that you may have during your rental. Is it like knowing that your tenant isn’t messing with you? We can advise you with some criteria that you should check:

Application form

Ask your tenant to fill out an application form, including your personal information, such as financial information and employment information.

Credit check

The credit check is essential for you to know if your tenant is up to date with their accounts. If not, it means that he must be experiencing some financial difficulty or is not concerned with paying his bills.

Background check

There are some websites where you can consult this information for free. Generally, you will only need the tenant’s social security number.

Talk to the previous tenant

Having done the previous steps, you can talk to the previous tenant to check some information; for example, if the tenant paid the rent on time, he was respectful of his old tenant. Ask everything you need. Before closing the contract, ask everything you need to know about the tenant. We advise you to try to get as much information as possible. Good tenants are also demanding and are looking for good landlords. Following these steps can help you avoid future problems.

You can terminate the contract with your tenant before the date for reasons related to the tenant’s conduct, such as:

  • Rental Delay
  • Non-payment of rent
  • Property Damages
  • Any illegal activity or that is prohibited in the contract
  • Situations that can affect the safety of neighbors
  • Property overcrowding – allowing multiple people to live in it
  • Property sale
  • Demolition
  • Need for repairs

These situations are delicate, and we can help resolve them. Contact us, and we will advise you on the best way to do this process within the law.

A legal reason must be provided for the eviction under the Residential Tenancies Act of Ontario. A tenant can be evicted for breaking the landlord/tenant agreement or for misconduct. The most common reasons include:

  • Frequently missing payments or paying late
  • An illegal act has been performed in the unit or building by the tenant or the tenant’s guests
  • Damage to unit or building
  • Falsifying information listed in the agreement ie. Personal income
  • The landlord is converting the unit into a space not useable for housing

The landlord has to file an application with the Landlord and Tenant Board to follow proper protocol for eviction. A landlord cannot physically remove a tenant from the unit. If you are a tenant experiencing wrongful eviction, or if you are a landlord with difficulty through the eviction process, please view the Residential Tenancies Act of Ontario and call us. 

Note, with Covid 19, temporary rental and eviction policies have been put into place.

For several reasons, you may need to evict your tenant. If this happens, you must first issue the tenant with a notice of termination that tells the tenant why the landlord intends to evict you. In some cases, you will need to wait a while for your tenant to try to fix the problem you are trying to evict him.

If, after the notice, the lessee does not correct the problem or does not leave the property, the lessor may enter a request at the LTB. After ordering at LTB, a hearing will be scheduled between you and your tenant.

A decision will be made during the hearing. If an eviction order is issued, the tenant will need to be out of the unit until the eviction order’s date.

The best way to pay your rent must be agreed with your Landlord and must be described in your rental agreement so that you do not have any future problems. It is also essential that you choose a method that you can prove your payments.

Cash payment with receipt

If this is the best option chosen between you and your Landlord, be sure to ask your Landlord to issue a receipt at the end of each payment. You will then have a receipt to prove that your payment has been made.

Pre-authorized payment (PAP)

Making a payment to your Landlord through a pre-authorized payment is ideal for ensuring that your payment is made without delay. To use this option, you schedule a date in your bank account for the bank to send the rent payment directly to your Landlord.


The use of checks is quite common. Proof of payment can be guaranteed when the check is cashed from your account by the bank. However, you will have to deliver it by hand or by mail to your Landlord.

Electronic Deposit

Many people choose this option for convenience. Always close to the expiration date, you can make a bank transfer to your Landlord. The proof will be in the bank transfer information of your account as well as your Landlord.

These are the most common ways you can use to pay your rent to your Landlord. The most important thing is that you make sure that you will prove that the payment has been made. If you have any problems with your Landlord, be sure to contact us – 416-221-2221

In Ontario, all landlords can increase their rent according to the table available on the government website. The table with information on the increase is generally published at the end of August each year. In 2020 the increase was 2.2%; in previous years, the increase was 1.8%. If your Landlord intends to increase your rent, it must notify you (preferably by written record) at least 90 days before starting the rent increase.

However, it may be that your Landlord wants to make an increase above what is permitted under legislation in Ontario. If this happens, please know that your Landlord may also appeal to the Tenants Council and Tenants an Increase in the Above Guideline (AGI), justifying an increase in operating costs to cover large property expenses. The increased rent will only take effect when the Lessor Council is Tenants approve the Landlord’s request. Also, the tenant must attend the hearing.

It is also important to know that there are exceptions. The rent increase rules do not apply if you live in a subsidized home or share a kitchen or bathroom with your Landlord.

If you have any issues with your Landlord, contact us, 416-221-2221

According to the Residential Tenancies Act in Ontario, if you plan to leave the property you are renting, you must notify your landlord at least 60 days in advance. Also, you will need to send the completed N9 form to your landlord. For example, if your rent expires on December 31st, you will need to notify your landlord and submit Form N9 before November 3rd.

According to Ontario law, you have the right to privacy and enjoy the facilities you rent. If your Landlord needs to visit the rented property for any reason, he must notify you in writing more than 24 hours in advance. The Landlord must also inform the reason for the visit is the time which should be between 8 am and 8 pm.

However, the law provides for some exceptions. The Landlord may enter your rental property without notice if:

  • Occur some emergency such as fire
  • Allow the Landlord to enter.
  • The rent requires the owner to clean the premises.
  • The contract is already terminated, and he can then enter to show the premises to potential tenants.

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