Ministry of Labor Complaints

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Ministry of Labor Complaints

It is the Ministry of Labor’s responsibility to promote fair and safe work practices to support the social well-being of workers in the province and resolve labor issues that may arise.

The Ontario Ministry of Labor manages the following laws:

Working relationships

  • Labor Relations Law, 1990
  • Hospital Labor Disputes Arbitration Act, 1990
  • Crown Employee Collective Bargaining Act, 1993
  • Labor Relations Act, 1995
  • Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997
  • Public Sector Dispute Resolution Act, 1997
  • Public Sector Labor Relations Transition Law, 1997
  • Ambulance Services Collective Bargaining Act, 2001

Occupational health and safety

  • Occupational Health and Safety Law
  • Occupational Safety and Insurance Act, 1997
  • Labor rights and responsibilities
  • Wage Equity Law
  • Employment Standards Act, 2000
  • Employment Protection Law for Foreigners, 2009
  • Child Artists Protection Act of 2015

It is common for a dismissed person to feel unfair and seek the Ontario Ministry of Labor to file a claim for compensation, termination, or both. If you are not sure how the Ministry of Labor can affect your business, contact us. At Juzkiw Law, our employment lawyer can advise you on any claim your employee has made with the Ministry of Labor.

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