Notarization and Certified Copies

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Notarization and Certified Copies

Notarization and certified copies are the services of witnessing oaths, signing statements, legal statements, and solemn affirmations. Besides, the notary public may also certify certain documents as true copies of the original.

Certified True Copies

You may be required to provide document such as identification card, passport, birth certificate, academic records for an application or any other supporting documents as required. A certified true copy can will save you from the risk of losing your original documents which can be a loss and time consuming if misplaced or lost

Why and when a Certified True copy is required?

A Certified copy is required for employment, academic and government applications. An international university or college may require a certified copy of your degree and academic transcripts as part of their education requirements and verification. On the other hand, employer or a regulatory body may want a certified true copy of your documents before providing you a job offer or a license from the regulatory body.

A certified true copy for utility bills or lease may also be required to show your residence to enroll your child to school. Our services include:

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