Notary Lawyer – FAQs

A witness can be your friend, neighbor, or co-worker. They must not have any financial or other interest in the document. Moreover, a witness only observes the party signing the document and need not know or understand the content of the document.

Yes! You need to be physically present during the notarization of your document. You must show proof of identity and sign the document in front according to the law.

Bring a valid identification along with the unsigned document. Valid identification includes one piece of Government-issued photo identification like passport, permanent resident card, OHIP, driver’s license, or two pieces of government-issued non-photo identification such as birth certificate and SIN card, etc.

We can notarize documents including affidavits, certified true copies, statutory declarations, oaths, and any other documents, etc. Talk to our Notary Lawyer to understand more.

Notarization of a signature includes 3 steps

  1. We confirm your identification 
  2. We watch you sign the document
  3. A notary seal and signature have been placed beside your signature

Please call our firm and talk with our notary lawyer –  416 221-2221

We can consider a discount if you have more documents to notarize. Call our notary lawyer to understand your situation – 416-221-2221

Yes! We can notarize the signing of the document you own in any language. Firstly, we have to identify you properly and watch you sign the document. You need to print your name in English beside your signature if it isn’t already there.

Most documents do not require a witness to prove it is valid. However, documents such as Will do require a witness. If you are unsure of whether your document requires a witness or not, contact us at 416 221-2221

By law, we must see you sign the document in our attendance before notarizing the document. We cannot notarize a document that is signed already.

Not much!. A notary certifies that the copy is a true copy of the original. A notarized copy is just a photocopy of the original document.

Yes! Bring along the original document with you to certify a true copy.