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What are Pardons?

Pardons are an exemption of a punishment for a crime. By obtaining a pardon, you are ridding yourself of an unwanted burden in your life. It is guaranteed that getting a pardon will make a positive impact in your life as you will be able to finally freely move forward without fear or worry.

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Are You Eligible for a Pardon?

Regardless of what you were charged with whether it be an immigration or job circumstance we are able to help you by providing you with clear guidance through the exact steps that need to be taken. Some of the prerequisites to have your pardon application approved,

  • Served your complete sentence
  • Maintained a record of good behavior since the time you completed your sentence
  • Paid all fines, any outstanding dues and completed your probation
  • Waited for a predetermined waiting period to qualify for a pardon

Once the Pardons Canada application is approved, it can help you with:

Finding Employment 

The majority of employers conduct background checks before hiring an employee. Having a  criminal record reduces your chances of gaining a job opportunity as companies tend to look for liability and trustworthy employees. By gaining a pardon, you can apply carefree to the desired job you like without any limitations


A prior record can act as an obstacle in becoming a Canadian citizen. Obtaining a pardon can remove the roadblocks in your path of becoming a Canadian citizen.

Higher Education

Sometimes, universities do conduct a background check before offering students an acceptance letter. However, you may be accepted to an institution if you get lucky but there is still the possibility of denial when applying for work placements or internships further

Obtaining child custody

Having a criminal record can be a deciding factor in losing custody of your children. Once your pardon application is approved, all the past offenses will be removed from your records and cannot be used against you during child custody disputes

Pardon Eligibility Requirements

Not everyone is eligible for a pardon or record suspension. Depending upon the nature of your charges, you must wait a certain amount of time in order to be eligible for a pardon. It is always better to start the pardon process before your eligibility duration. Below are the timelines you should be aware of

  • 5 Months: Dismissed, withdrawn, or acquitted of charges
  • 1 Year: stayed charges, an absolute discharge, and peace bonds
  • 3 Years: Conditional discharge
  • 5 Years: Summary convictions
  • 10 years: Indictable convictions
  • Ineligible: Sexual convictions to a minor

Record Suspension Canada Pardon

A pardon for a record suspension allows for those who were once convicted of a criminal offense to obtain the ability to keep their criminal record from being accessed by having it cleared.

  • Employment: Further or advanced career without fear of background checks.
  • Childcare: Custody of children or childcare.
  • Education: Further your education.
  • Travel: Vacation wherever you want!

 Criminal Record Removal or File Destruction

Canadian Police Information Centre and (RCMP) keep your fingerprint records and your photos. Apply now to have your records destroyed; the requirements are as follows:


  • Border guards take longer than expected time to let you through borders.
  • Police spending unnecessary time with you if they ask you to pull over when you’re driving.
  • With a Pardon, travel with ease: Crossing the border with ease as border guards, police officers, and others may behave differently if they have fingerprint records for you.

Is pardon right for me?

If you have been convicted of a criminal offense, have completed your sentence, and showed that you are a law-abiding citizen, you have the right to enjoy the benefits of having all the criminal records removed. Once you obtain a pardon, any past or further records stored in the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) related to you will be removed

At Juzkiw law firm, we strongly believe that your right to freedom should not be interrupted! A past mistake should not determine whether you build a great future. We recognize that every person is entitled to a life that is fair and free, and mistakes do not define who a person is. That is why we provide pardon services where we can remove your criminal record. Have your record cleared up by us in a cooperative, efficient and hassle-free manner from our experienced lawyers. Call us for a free consultation – 416-221-2221.

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