Policy Issues

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Policy Issues

As an employer, you need to treat your employees equally and provide a decent workplace. That also can be known as the duty of accommodation based on Canadian human rights law. Making do, you probably will attract good employees who want to work for you.

Policies are usually a set of general guidelines that outline how things should happen in an organization. The use of policies serves to establish a complete view of the workplace. With the policy implementation, it is possible to have a safe, fair, dignified, and healthy work environment. Its culture is what type of behavior is expected by employees.

A workplace policy must contain:

  • Explanation of why the policy was developed
  • The policy objective
  • Defining what acceptable behaviors are unacceptable
  • Make it clear what the consequences of non-compliance with the procedure are.

To develop policies is necessary to collect information so that there is a development of ideas to transform them into councils. At Juzkiw Law Firm, we can help you develop policies to meet your needs and your employees’ needs in various areas. Call us today for more information – 416-221-2221

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