Preparing for LTB Hearing

Affordable Lawyer help preparing to LTB Hearing

Preparing for LTB Hearing

It is important to prepare before the start of your Landlord Tenant Board (LTB) Hearing.
The Board will expect you to get ready and bring all the evidence, arrange witnesses, and any material to use in the hearing.

Steps to follow before the start of Hearing

  1. Gather all the necessary evidence you can collect to present to the board. The evidence will help the board to believe what happened. Some of the documents you may need to present to the Board include receipts, bank statements, estimates, letters, messages, and medical records
  2. Arrange a witness to your hearing. Witnesses can include your friends, family, other tenants, building inspectors, etc. If you want a public official to be your witness then you must summon them first. Get Help on how to summon an official to be your witness
  3. Prepare notes about what you want to tell the board on the hearing day. If you want help in preparing notes, you can contact us

It is always better to have an Experienced and Affordable Lawyer on your side who can represent your case to the board and act as a mediator.

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