Professional Negligence – FAQs

Professional Negligence is when a professional violates the duty of care while exercising his professional activity, failing to fulfill his responsibilities according to the required standards.

Every professional has a legal obligation to exercise their profession with responsibility and skills, exercising care for their clients. When they are accused of professional negligence, it means that they are violating the duty of care.

You can claim against any professional who offers service and commits professional negligence, for example, Doctors and Nurses, Lawyers, Accountants, Auditors, Engineers, Teachers, and Investment Advisors.

To claim, you must prove that your loss was caused by something that the professional serving you could have avoided. You will also need to provide evidence since when this violation of rights occurred, there is sufficient evidence to prove professional negligence.

Thinking about costs, in general, the party that loses the action must pay its costs is also the costs of the winner.

In cases of professional negligence, it is common for the other party to argue that you contributed to the damage suffered. If the court agrees with the other party, you will be partially to blame for the loss itself. That is, the damages granted to you will be reduced as the court will consider your share of liability in the case.