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Property dispute lawyer

At Juzkiw law, our property lawyer has experience in the matter and can offer you one of the best legal advice on property dispute law in Ontario. Whether someone is violating your boundaries or denying what you own, property disputes must be resolved by appropriate Ontario law to avoid future complications.

Our office can help you with:

  • Disputes related to property law limits and title dispute
  • Court appeals over unresolved property disputes
  • Property seizure and sale mandates
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Asset protection
  • Contract development
  • Breach of contracts
  • Property deficiency claims
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Failures to close

We have an experienced property dispute lawyer who knows the complexity of property transactions and disputes, and we are ready to assist you. Call us for more information and schedule a free consultation.

Property dispute Law

Property rights are about disputes over what people have and how they can use them. The property dispute law does not only apply to the ownership of the real estate, but it also applies to the possession of the personal property, which is why it is common to appear also within family law.

Property rights in Canada

In Canada, each state has its property law. For this reason, each state in Canada operates with its system for transferring personal and real estate. So when you look for a property lawyer, you must be aware if he is aware of the laws in force in the state where you need help. At Juzkiw Law, we have extensive knowledge to help you in Ontario property law.

Emerging issues in property law in Ontario

Property laws in Ontario are frequently changing. This happens due to the change in people’s behavior and the advancement of technologies such as drones. Ontario currently has legislation that regulates the use of drones on properties. Short-term rentals are also emerging issues, as it has become increasingly popular.

Issues such as these tend to arise, which is why the property law must be modified to protect owners’ top right not only in Ontario but throughout Canada.

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