RCMP Fingerprints

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RCMP Fingerprints

Fingerprint services are required to check the background of a person. Whether you want  a citizenship of another country or to get a work permit.

We are accredited to offer digital printing services on electronic paper to our customers. We act with reliability and remarkable agility, sending the candidate’s information electronically to the RCMP database.

You may need fingerprints services to:

  • Name change
  • Foreign Visa
  • Foreign travel
  • Immigration
  • Pardoned criminal record
  • Employment (private, municipal, provincial, or federal)
  • Canadian citizenship
  • Government contractors/licenses
  • Local or international volunteer work
  • Privacy act
  • Any other

Regardless of your need, we can assist you. At Juzkiw law, we have the agility you need in your RCMP fingerprints process. Call us today for more information – 416-221-2221

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