Refugee Protection

a family behind a wire fence look to a refugee protection in Canada

Refugee Protection

Foreign nationals can claim asylum at the Canadian port of entry. However, the Canadian Border Services and immigration, refugee and Citizenship Canada will determine what status the Foreign national will be given to stay in Canada
The refugee protection will determine whether the person is a Person in Need of Protection or a Convention refugee
A person in need of Protection in Canada is unable to return his/her country due to fear of expulsions such as torture, a threat to life, and risk of punishment while a Conventional refugee is unable to return due to fear of banishment based on religion, political views, race, nationality, and discrimination, etc.
Those who wish to make a refugee claim have to meet certain eligibility requirements but they may not be eligible if

  • A person has been granted a protected person status in Canada
  • Are inadmissible into Canada for Criminal Activities or violation of human rights
  • Tried to make a claim already but refused by the board or withdrew or abandoned application claim

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