Request for Condominium Records

Request for Condominium Records, lawyer

Request for Condominium Records

If you are the property owner, you have the right to access your condominium records. However, if your property is in Ontario, you will need to do so following the law. You must fill out the form and request records, and indicate if you want a copy.

The Ontario condominium law provides that you have the right to access the following records:

  • Property-related agreements
  • Budget for the fiscal year
  • Condo statute and rules are of the condominium administrator.
  • Condominium financial records
  • List with information about the owners and their respective addresses.
  • File with details of the minutes of board meetings
  • Any other records specified in the regulations or statutes of the condominium.

If you are experiencing any difficulties and cannot access any of these records, we can help you. Contact us for more information – 416-221-2221

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