Restraining Order

A golden gavel to using the settlement the restraining order in family law Court in Ontario

Restraining Order

In Ontario, restraining orders may be provided by the Family Law Court when the Court has sufficient reason to believe that a person may injure or cause harm to another person or members of his or her family. It is common for this order to be provided to protect you and your child from the current or ex-spouse or partner.

You can apply for a restraining order at the Ontario Family Law Court if:

1) You were married or lived together with the person for any period. This includes a same-sex partner; and/or

2) You need to protect yourself and any children who are in your custody.

If you are eligible, you can bring an application to the family court, along with a motion for an urgent restraining order. On the application, you can also ask for orders on other issues such as child custody, along with the restraining order.

You can ask for different conditions on the restraining order, depending on your situation. For example, you may ask the person to physically stay away or not to call you during certain hours.

Know the steps to apply for a restriction order in Ontario:

  1. Fill in the registration form that will start your case at the Ontario Family Law Court;
  2. If you have not yet sought a lawyer, you can request that the documents be delivered to someone else
  3. Present to the Court all documents that prove your need for restraining Order
  4. Trial: Explain your case in the best way possible in Court
  5. If the order is approved, the judge will issue the restraining order.

In these cases, we advise that you require a lawyer’s assistance to apply for an Ontario restraining order through proper procedures and decide the type of restraining order and the conditions to ask us. Contact Juzkiw Law Firm, we have an experienced family law Lawyer. Call us at 416-221-2221 for more details.

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