Separation and Divorce

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Separation and Divorce

When you and your spouse or your partner decide to separate or get the divorce, there may be certain legal steps you have to take. A separation agreement may help to resolve some of the family law issues, such as child support or spousal support, but the agreement does not legally end the marriage. You can legally end your marriage by divorce. 

The Juzkiw Law firm has a strong experience with separation and family law cases. We are experts in the full range of family legal matters including divorce in Ontario, property division, child and spousal support, custody, and access, and possession of the matrimonial home. 

Getting divorced is often complicated and stressful. We are experts at making the separation and divorce process as smooth as it can be whilst also being able to fight your corner if the need arises.

We know each family law case is different, so we work together with our clients to create a strategy that is designed to bring about optimal results, whether that means negotiating an amicable agreement or going to trial.

Whatever your situation, we are to help you. We encourage you to contact us for a Free consultation with our Divorce Lawyer.

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