Short-term rental issue

Short-term rental issue, lawyer

Short-term rental issue

In recent years, many homeowners have started to make short-term rentals. To offer rentals, it is common for owners to use some platforms such as Airbnb and Expedia. However, short-term rentals tend to become a problem because people who rent are unaware of the condominium’s general rules.

Some examples of short-term rental issue are:

  • An occupant or owner was initially informed that he could rent a condominium unit in the short term, but the condominium administrator changed the rule.
  • Wear and tear is the misuse of the elements available in the common areas of the condominium.
  • Short-term renters are disturbing other residents of the condo with loud music, for example
  • An owner continues to rent his unit for short-term rentals, even with the condominium administrator’s restriction.
  • Problems related to security, since when there is a short-term rental situation for the condominiums, the keys or access to the condominium are provided to new people.

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