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1. Demand letter

A demand letter is simply a letter explaining to the other party that there is a need to settle an existing matter like unsettled dues. It is a peaceful way for both the parties to settle matters out of court. You may use a Demand Letter for insurance claims, outstanding payments or debts, actions, NFS cheque, etc.

If you want to sue a party in small claims court then your lawsuit must fall into following categories including claims for money owed under an agreement like unpaid accounts, loan, rent, etc. And Claims for damages such as personal injury, breach of contract, property damage.
Juzkiw Law has years of experience in writing Demand Letters and handling small claim cases. Contact us for a free consultation.

Demand letter

2. Collection of Debts

Debt collection happens when a party or an individual owes money to the other party or company. The person who owes the money is considered as a debtor and the money he is owed to is considered as a creditor. In the small claims court, the judge can attempt to reach an agreement between the parties before the trial, If any of the parties refuse to do the settlement, the case will move to the small claims court.

It is necessary to gather all the evidence and any supporting documents to file the claim in small claims court. We have extensive experience in debt collections and can ensure you get what you deserve. Fill up the consultation form and a lawyer will reach you as soon as possible to help you with your case.

3. Negligence/Poor Standard of Workmanship

Negligence happens when a person doesn’t exercise his actions carefully, the Ontario small claims court considers a negligence act when a person acts below the level of competence or poor standard in his activities. The court will determine the degree to which a person is negligent or guilty. Negligence is often challenging to prove and you have to explain the damages in the event of negligence to let the course access the situation briefly.

You may file for a negligence case in an Ontario small claims court but proving the case is a complex matter due to the lack of legal knowledge. This can waste your time and money, juzkiw law has experience in proving negligence cases and can guide you what steps you need to take in your case to make it successful. If you have any negligence cases, contact us for a free consultation and we will make sure your rights are protected

Enforcement of orders

4. Enforcement of orders

When you feel you have won the case after a successful trial, the court will issue a judgement such as an enforceable order under its terms. After the judgement, the creditor to debtor collection process starts. If the debtor fails to execute the court order then the creditor may request the debtor to appear in court and answer the reasons for non-payment.

We at Juzkiw Law have years of experience in similar cases and if you are currently facing difficulty in making the debtor complying with the judgement, contact us and we can guide you through the process and help save your time. We have specialization and experience dealing with enforcement and collections, just fill up the form for a free consultation and get the help you need

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