Smoke and Vapour

Smoke and Vapour – Condo issues

Living in condominiums requires that you know how to deal with certain types of problems. Smoke and Vapour may be one of them. The smoke generated by smoke or vapor can be transmitted to other condos and also reach some areas in common. Some construction problems may favor this happening.

Some examples of common smoke and vapour problems are:

  • Use of some substances that another owner or occupant is using such as tobacco or marijuana.
  • Use of barbecue, firepit, or other sources of smoke that can reach your condo

If you are dealing with any of these condo issues, first, it is important to check the condominium regulations and verify that the person who is generating smoke is acting within the condominium rules and rules. Because some condominiums allow owners to smoke or use substances that generate smoke within their own condo. However, if this usage is affecting your unit, you can complain to your condominium manager.

We know that these problems are difficult to solve, as they usually involve understanding the other party. But you have rights and you must get them. We can help you. Contact us for more information. We can help you to deal with your condo issues – 416-221-2221


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