Temporary Layoffs

Temporary Layoffs paper

Temporary Layoffs

When an employee gets a temporary layoff, he has many legal rights and considerations. If your employer finishes your job for a specific period; that is, it clarifies to the employee that he will be called back after a period of time, your temporary layoff sometime can become a resignation when:

– Employees don’t want to go back to work for some reason.
– The layoff exceeded the maximum time according to the labor legislation in force in the province.

It is important to note that the employer is not obliged to provide his employees with a reason, nor a written notification of a temporary layoff. Is good to check your employment contract.

According to labor law, the temporary layoff has a maximum duration that can last for more than 13 weeks in any period of 20 consecutive weeks.

If you have been the victim of temporary layoffs and exceeded the maximum term provided by law, you need to appeal your rights. Contact us for more information – 416-221-2221.

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