Traffic Ticket Lawyer – FAQs

The ticket fine is not the only penalty you would be facing. When you pay your ticket fine, you agree to all the offenses situated with that ticket. The penalties could be a license suspension or demerit points which can hurt your driving record. For more information, please call  to our traffic ticket lawyer at 416 221-2221

The fee depends upon what you are charged for. It will always cost you less to hire a traffic ticket lawyer to fight for your ticket rather than paying for the ticket which impacts your driving record results in an increase in insurance rate if you get convicted without having proper representation. Call us today and get the help you deserve with our traffic ticket lawyer.

It usually takes anywhere around 2 – 6 months to fight a ticket. However, your insurance and driving record will not be impacted until the final decision on the ticket has been made. If you have received a traffic ticket, contact us immediately and discuss your options.

Yes. You may face up to 6 months of jail time if you are driving on a suspended license.

You don’t need to go to Court if you have Legal representation on your side. Our firm has years of experience in handling traffic tickets and charges associated with them. You just need to visit our office and after an initial consultation, we take care of everything related to your ticket. Call our Traffic ticket lawyer now.

Your insurance rate will only increase after the final conviction. It is best to seek an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to keep your driving record clean and can help you choose the best option to minimize the effect. Call us today and get a free consultation.