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Vehicle Operations – Condominium problems

The use of vehicles can be a common source of condominium problems, mainly if the vehicles cause dangerous situations and a lot of noise.

To avoid problems with vehicle operation, it is common for condominium companies to take steps to restrict how, when, and where occupants and owners of condominiums can use their vehicles.

If your condominium has any operating vehicle restrictions, they are usually described in your condominium’s rules and statutes. It is common for problems to happen because someone in the condo is infringing on these documents.

In general, these regulatory documents that contain information on how vehicles can be operated in the condominium include:

  • Information on what types of vehicles are allowed to operate within the condominium. Being able to prohibit certain types of vehicles in the condominium property
  • Limit what occupants and owners can do with their vehicles
  • Establish speed limits for the use of vehicles on the condominium property.

Some common problems that happen related to vehicle operation are:

  • An occupant or owner is using a vehicle prohibited by the condominium.
  • An occupant or owner is driving his vehicle exceeding the speed limits that are allowed in the condominium.
  • An occupant or owner is stopping at a prohibited location within the condominium.
  • An occupant or owner is driving the vehicle dangerously or recklessly within the condominium.

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