Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

Over a thousand people every year are looking to Qualify themselves to obtain a Visitor Visa for Canada. It is a requirement to obtain a visitor visa if you want to travel to Canada

What is a Visitor Visa?

A visitor visa is required if you want to come to Canada either for a vacation or meeting your loved ones. If you belong to a country that is not visa-exempt then you may require to apply for a Visitor visa in order to come to Canada. However, it is feasible to apply for a visitor visa before packing your bags and make a plan to visit the country.
You may submit an application for Canadian Visitor Visa from a Trusted Immigration Lawyer who can make sure that the proper rules and guidelines are followed to process the application without any risk. Processing times for the Canadian Visitor Visa application varies according to the nature of the application and the size of files received by the visa office. Processing time may increase if incorrect documents are being placed which is why it is important to ask a Trusted Toronto Immigration Lawyer for Help.

A Canadian Visitor Visa is divided into 2 Categories-

1.Single entry
2.Multiple Entry

A single entry visa allows a visitor to cross the border once While in a Multiple Entry Visa, you can go back and forth multiple times during your visit to Canada. The majority of visitors often lose track of when their visa is expiring, it is always preferable to check the expiry date of your Visitor visa while you stay in Canada. If your Canadian visitor visa is expiring soon and you may want to extend your stay in Canada then you may need to contact an Immigration lawyer to help you out and get your Visitor Visa extended in due time.

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