Workplace Harassment and Bullying

Women upset because a workplace harassment and Sexual Harassment and Bullying situation

Workplace Harassment and Bullying

Workplace harassment or sexual harassment may involve gestures, comments, actions, or attention with the aim of hurting, offending, or intimidating another person. Sexual harassment is focused on aspects such as appearance and body parts. However, it can also be verbal. It is common for abusers to send inappropriate photos or videos to victims. Or sometimes, they can be physical when they try to touch someone against their will.

Bullying and sexual harassment are very similar as both involve comments, attention, or unwanted physical contact by the victim.

Sexually harassed people can feel threatened and develop emotional stress because of the whole disturbing situation.

Behaviors are considered as bullying, or sexual harassment can be:

  • Make sexual comments or offers.
  • Ask someone to send you pictures of yourself naked.
  • Make sexual comments, jokes, or gestures to or about someone.
  • Show someone inappropriate sex photos or videos.

These attitudes can happen in any environment: at work, at school, even at home. Therefore, you must be attentive and know how to identify and take appropriate action.

When workplace harassment, it can also take on other names such as “sexual harassment”, “mobbing,” “intimidation in the workplace,” “abuse in the workplace,” “aggression in the workplace,” is “abuse in the workplace” workplace.” In general, any act of aggression that harms the worker in the workplace is considered harassment.

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